The core objective of Durable Solutions is to provide the geo-hazard displaced, potentially displaced and landless households with a viable chance to compliantly reconstruct their houses after receiving new land and shelter support from the government’s relocation and RHRG programs.

The Consortium’s support consists primarily of:

  • Supporting the NRA with designing, scaling up, and implementing Durable Solutions programs to ensure that geo-hazard displaced, potentially displaced and landless households are enabled to reconstruct their shelters on safe land.
  • Ensuring that geo-hazard displaced and potentially displaced populations are adequately informed about the relevant policies, their communities’ geo-hazard categorization and available durable solutions.
  • Ensuring that households have the critical life documents needed to access government designed solutions.
  • Assisting in ensuring that households are supported to enroll in relocation program and thereby, receive first, second and third tranches through Rural Housing Reconstruction Grant program.
  • Building the resilience of displaced and relocated households through protection, preparedness and the provision of technical assistance.

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