In Nepal’s post-earthquake context, the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) has been the lead government agency responsible for drafting and implementing the country’s policies pertaining to displacement and reconstruction.

The following policies and guidelines comprise the core legal and operational framework for the Durable Solutions Consortium across earthquake-affected districts:

  • Guidelines on Relocation and Rehabilitation of People Living in Geo-hazard Areas
  • Guidelines on Suitable Land Purchase for Earthquake-Affected People
  • Guidelines on Integrated Settlements

One of the key provisions concerning households in need of relocation due to impending geo-hazards has been the government’s subsidy of NPR 200,000 per family for an acquisition of new land in a safe area. In order for a household to be eligible for this assistance, the area at risk has to be assessed by the team of NRA geologists who will then recommend relocation or, alternatively, remedial works on site.

In addition, all households identified by the NRA as earthquake victims have been eligible to receive housing reconstruction assistance worth NPR 300,000 per family as part of the government’s nationwide reconstruction plan.

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