The 2015 earthquake precipitated a wave of internal displacement and led to a major humanitarian crisis unparalleled in Nepal’s modern history.

Concurrently, the earthquake triggered numerous landslides that claimed thousands of lives and substantially weakened the geological foundations of slopes across Nepal’s mountainous regions. As a result, there has been a heightened degree of geo-hazard risks for local populations living in the most affected areas, particularly during the annual monsoon season.

The impending threats of landslides and unstable land has been acknowledged by the Government of Nepal as a serious risk and has led to the formulation of a nationwide resettlement program.

This initiative has recognized the need for developing a comprehensive approach that combines scientific geological assessments to identify sites unsuitable for a long-term human habitant, and a grant-based policy providing financial incentive for eligible households to relocate to safe areas.

The Durable Solutions is a UK aid funded program that supports the NRA by facilitating the implementation of this resettlement program. It has been implemented jointly by People in Need (PIN) and the Community Self-Reliance Center (CSRC). The long-term objective of Durable Solutions is to create a national precedent and framework for the fair and voluntary relocation of citizens following a disaster or due to landlessness.

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